Shanghai Unicorn Cultural diffusion Co., Ltd was founded in Shanghai, 2015. Unicorn Art Studios was officially established in 2018

Its headquarter is in Shanghai, the core employees are having average 8 years practical experience and coming from leading companies in game industry, such as EA, NETEASE, UBISOFT, GIANT, PERFECT. They have strong experiences and extraordinary background with AAA projects development and implementation.

The company is focusing on 2D concept, effect, 3D model, animation, and next gen model. A number of games involved with Unicorn Art Studios are available worldwide every year.

In addition, there are branches in Nantong, Changsha, Chengdu and other places; the overall line quality management model is adopted; the production and efficiency can be maintained at a high level under the premise of ensuring quality.

Unicorn Art Studios



Unicorn Art Studios is a service company that designs and implements game art. Major service including: Concept, 3D Model, VFX, and Animation designs.

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