• Responsibilities:

  • 1. Skeletal binding, skinning and animation of characters and objects in a scene.

    2. Familiar with bones in human, animal, machinery and other characters/objects, as well as good skinning, motion design and production abilities.

    3. Independently complete the design and production of complete walking, jumping, limb movement and other action animations.

    4. According to the provided 3D model, set the skeleton system and skin binding, with special effects and planning to adjust various movements.

    5. Familiar with animation software, with evenly-balanced experience in keyframe, controller, character, dynamic and particle animation.

    6. Accurately understand project requirements, action effects design and character personality expression, as well as the creativity and experience required to produce them.





1. Good animation design foundation, strong understanding of character and animal movement and rhythm.

2. Passionate, strong education and professionalism, good communication and comprehension, team spirit and a sense of humor.

3. Familiar with animation software such as 3DMAX for skeleton creation, binding and animation.

2D Concept Designer





1. Independently produce original concept art per project specifications. Coordinate communication, reasonably allocate specific art resources and successfully complete project content.

2. Collaborate with the team to carry out review and acceptance of original concept art per project specifications.

3. Original concept art's setting and technical research of the main characters per project specifications. Cooperate with the project AD to plan and complete 2D realisation of original concept art.




1. Bachelor degree or above in art design, more than three years experience in original concept art and game character development.

2. Solid art skills foundation and modelling capabilities.

3. Excellent communication and presentation skills, excellent cross-team collaboration ability.

4. Professionalism, team spirit and can actively communicate and cooperate within a team project.

3D Designer





1. Create models and textures of 3D characters used in real-time 3D game engines.

2. Understand various art styles and be able to follow the specific needs of the project.

3. Learn new software tools and techniques in a timely manner.

4. Perform assigned tasks according to project schedule while meeting quality requirements.

5. Before submitting work to a team leader, the quality of the initial work should be reviewed according to the project checklist.

6. Solve the challenges as assigned by the team leader, art director and client.

7. In case of any difficulties, the team leader should be informed in a timely manner.




1. Familiar with the following 3D software: D Studio Max, Maya, Zbrush and Softimage.

2. Bachelor degree or above (as art major) or art-related college graduate (including architectural design, industrial design, textile/fashion design)

3. Attach relevant 3D and hand-painted works with resume submission.

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